Polo shirt Joma Smash

Polo shirt Joma Smash
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Polo shirt Joma Smash

Short-sleeved polo shirt for men. Designed for racket sports, especially tennis and padel. This elegant, comfortable polo is the ideal ally for playing tennis in style. Lightness, breathability and freedom of movement in a single garment. If you're a tennis and padel enthusiast looking for a game polo, this is the polo for you. Features a mao collar for a modern twist on the classic style. The collar opening features two custom buttons that combine perfectly with the rest of the garment. This opening offers freedom of movement and takes the strain out of playing. This tennis and padel polo shirt is made from an elastic fabric that allows freedom of movement. In this way, the tennis player's flexibility is guaranteed, as he'll have greater amplitude in his movements, being able to link serves, strokes and smash without problems. The mesh fabric adds lightness and breathability to the elasticity. The Jacquard finish with microscopic perforations wicks away perspiration and keeps the body cool and dry. This prevents post-exercise chills and bacteria due to perspiration build-up. No unpleasant odors. The aim is to provide maximum comfort during exercise. The visual is completed by a contrasting two-tone pattern, unified on the chest area by means of small linear designs. The Joma rubber logo has been inserted into the seamless fabric. The aim: to maintain lightness at all times, avoid unpleasant rubbing against the skin and increase the feeling of comfort. At Joma, we have transferred this technology from footwear to textiles, adapting it to the needs of each product.

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Brand Joma
Manufacturer SKU 103071.725
Color white/azul
Color White
Gender Men
Age group Adult