Padel rackets

Find all our Padel rackets for adults and children. Find the ideal racket among the best brands of Padel: Dunlop, Akkeron, Drop Shot, adidas, Bullpadel and many others...

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How to choose the right paddle?

A good racket is essential for the practice of Padel. Smash-Expert will help you choose the right racket for your level and style of play. The first point to check is the shape of the racket. There are 3 types of rackets for Padel: the diamond shape, the teardrop shape and the round shape. The first one is for advanced players who want to improve their performance especially on power. The second and the third are for all players whether they are beginners or experts.

Another essential aspect is the weight of the racquet. A heavier racquet will allow for a more powerful shot. On the other hand, a lighter weight will make you faster and more precise. It's up to you to choose one over the other.